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  • Clients report up to 100% increase in income 

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Headquartered in New Rochelle, First Impression Career Services assists managers, directors, and c-level executives, medical practitioners, project managers, and educators navigate every phase of the career transition, job search, and on-boarding process. Meetings are conveniently scheduled to accommodate your availability and are held in person, by phone, and online.

We offer the support, career marketing materials, and help you gain the insights conducive to your professional goals and advancement. Whether you are just starting out, a mid-level professional, or c-level executive, First Impression Career Services will help you plan and execute a rewarding strategy for every stage of your career.   

Anne-Marie Ditta, CEO and sole practitioner has been assisting people during different economies and job markets since 2001. She began coaching and crafting resumes following 911.  Keeping on the pulse of application tracking systems, social media, and hiring trends enables First Impression Career Services to give you exceptional service and guidance that will last for years to come. 

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Areas of Service

Career Transition 

An expert in career management and transition, I help  people like you sort through the pieces of the puzzle to start a new and rewarding chapter. During our one-on-one meetings we will clarify your personal and professional goals, the things that interest and truly matter to you, and the role your personality plays in defining your perfect fit.

The program includes worksheets, one-on-one  coaching meetings, assessment tools and additional resources. 

Résumés, Cover Letter, Linkedin

A compelling résumé and career marketing materials get the right response . Every document is crafted using an automated tracking system compatible format and focuses on the accomplishments and skills that grab the attention of hiring managers.

Your career communications package includes worksheets, personal branding tools,  and one-on-one interviews to ensure you stand out from your competitors. 


Outplacement services is one of the most valuable elements of the severance package you offer when you have to make the hard decision to lay off or downsize an employee. Since 2001, First Impression Career Services,  continues to reduce the length of unemployment for 1000+ professionals, executives, and c-level leaders.

 By offering outplacement services, you be confident former employees will experience less stress and have a better sense of well-being during the transition process. Services are also instrumental to liability prevention and improved retention. 

Job Search Strategy

Job search like any other project begins with a vision and a plan for reaching your objectives on time. Yet many job seekers waste precious time by searching overcrowded job sites.   

 I help you define actionable steps and methodologies that work, hone your goals, and establish your unique selling proposition  as well as identify companies and industries that value your experience. You will learn the difference between how companies source talent and how most people look for work. 

Interview Preparation

You may be a general in the board room, yet you may find job interviews daunting.  The right preparation and simple techniques can help you achieve your goal faster than going it alone. 

A combination of interview strategies prepare you  to handle phone screenings, one-on-one and panel interviews. During meetings, you will learn  to tell the story about your departure, demonstrate your value, and convey a positive attitude while uncovering the real position.  

Workshops, seminars, in-service

First Impression Career Services places a strong emphasis on career pathing and skills development. Outstanding performance is the result of years of education and training, and a commitment to lifelong learning obtained through libraries, colleges and universities, hospitals and healthcare organizations, professional associations, and employers.  

Our goal is to give people the chance to advance their careers, develop new goals, and refine existing skills by partnering with institutions to deliver programs focused on best practices in job search and career management. 

Salary Negotiations

Demystifying the salary discussion is a creative practice. It requires finesse, and an understanding of when to speak and when to be silent. Learning how to gather and leverage information can keep you from leaving money on the table.  From young professionals, healthcare practitioners, and senior executives others have reported success in negotiating up to 100% increases in compensation.  

Career Management

The workplace is a little bit like the ocean. There are times when there is total calm and you can focus on projects and tasks, and at other times things  become difficult and even overwhelming.

Improving your relationship with colleagues, direct and in-direct reports, peers, vendors,  stakeholders, and leaders can make a significant difference in your level of satisfaction and even influence promotions and better assignments. It may also lead to the realization that it is time to make a change.  

Establishing short and long-term goals and having a plan for achievement puts you in charge of your direction. During meeting you learn how to set goals, develop strategies, and take control of your direction.  

Assessment tools

Career assessment tools mirror your personality, behavior, values, skills and interests.  The insights gained from these analyses will equip you to make better decisions, improve relationships in and out of the workplace, build on your strengths and even consider new paths. 

A certified administrator is qualified to validate the results results of the MBTI and DISC and guide you in the use of the Strong Inventory, Rokeach Value Survey, StengthsFinder 2.0 and other instruments.

If you don’t know where you are going, you may end up in Alaska with a bikini.
— Anne-Marie Ditta

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