Stand Out From The Flock

What We Do

FICS your career transition services

Are you unhappy with how you are earning a living? Are you working longer and getting less satisfaction? Were you recently let go? Do you think about making a change? Are you concerned that you are running out of time? As an Executive Career Coach who specializes in career transitions, I help people like you on a path that will reward you for years to come.

Your program includes:

  • 60 minute coaching conversations that focus you on what is important to you and  steps that will move you into action
  • MBTI / DISC and career assessments to help you gain clarity
  • Worksheets and resources to help you explore your options
  • proven strategies that lead to a career that meets your needs. 

Stand out from the competition with your executive résumé portfolio

Why get passed over for submitting a cookie cutter résumé and cover letter or having an empty LinkedIn page? I will help you stand out with a career communications portfolio that tells your story. Your program includes customized worksheets, branding tools, and a one-on-one meeting to uncover your career story. After our meeting, I will craft your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and other career communications. We will then meet to review the content and finalize the document

Write and Go Program

Stand out and demonstrate how you can make a difference. This is the perfect program for individuals with a high school diploma, associate degree, or trade school diploma / certificate who are seeking employment in:

  • Health Sciences (CNA, LPN, Lab Technician, Dental Assistant, Medical Assistant, Medical Billing, Patient Care Assistants, Patient Technician, etc.)
  • Skilled Trades (CNC Machining, automotive technician, HVAC fabricators and installers, concrete workers, painters, plumbers, electricians, drywallers, pipe fitters, welders, riggers, and more)
  • Office Personnel (customer services, clerical staff, receptionist, data entry, entry-level administrative assistant, and others)
  • Hotel and Hospitality (front desk clerk, wait staff, bartenders, maître ‘d,  hostess, customer service representative, sales assistant, etc.)

Your program features:

  •  Up to three hours of professional services - in person or by phone - with a certified career coach which includes coaching based resume data collection and professional writing, keywords, layout and design.
  • Plug and Go Cover Letter with instructions for use.
  • Lifetime storage in the FICS document system
  • FICS Your Career 10 Most Effective Job Search and Interview Strategies
  • DISC Personality Assessment to gain quick insight into the talents and tendencies you bring to the work environment. The report will help to individualize your materials and enhance job interviews.

The end of your job search starts here

STOP wasting your time looking on overcrowded job boards. As a FICS candidate, you will be equipped with the best tools and strategies to get ahead quicker and more efficiently. As your career coach, I will help you find your way into a company that fits your interests, values, and business style. You will learn how to tap into the hidden job market, mobilize your network, and avoid the dead ends.

Turn interviews into conversations

Interviews can be stressful. You may experience a case of the jitters before, during or after an interview. If you did not adequately prepare your concern is probably valid.

  • The FICS techniques for interviewing will show you how to
  • pass phone and video screenings
  • answer difficult questions and win over recruiters, hiring managers,  the bosses boss, and team members
  • uncover the real position
  • know when to stay the course and when to walk away
  • learn how to get the offer

Why leave money on the table?

Do you tell the cashier to keep the change when you pay for your groceries? By accepting the first offer you are likely walking away from money and / or benefits. The FICS Salary Negotiation method teaches you how to get paid what you are worth.

  • Learn the best places to get accurate salary and benefits information
  • Assess your power to negotiate
  • Find out how the right benefits can put more money in your pocket
  • Know the verbal cue that can get you a better offer
  • Determine when to accept an offer and when to move on