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" I heard so many good things about Anne-Marie that I hired her to reorganized my profile. I noticed that Anne-Marie is a good listener. She was able to fine tune and capture exactly what I offer as a designer. Her written and oral communication skills are on point and her willingness to help others shows honesty and integrity. We have built a relationship beyond business." Glenda Shane, Founder of Interior Concepts By Shane, Inc.
 "Anne Marie Ditta is an articulate and innovative Career Coach. Her attention to detail and ability to craft personalized career paths makes Ms Ditta exceptional at her profession. I recommend Ms Ditta for all your career development needs." - Natasha Forde Celebrity Chef / CEO
"Anne-Marie is very in tuned with what makes people tick. She excels at asking the right probing questions to get to the root of an issue. Anne-Marie is a good choice if you need help making sense of your professional goals." - Arthur Cundy, Online Entrepreneur & Marketing Strategist
"Anne-Marie truly cares about empowering and supporting people to thrive and grow. She does this both for her clients and in giving back consistently to multiple communities. I recommend her highly" - Nick Braak, Senior Cyber Investigator | Cybercrime | Brand & Reputation Protection
"Last year I hired Anne-Marie Ditta as my career coach. She was not only an extreme pleasure to work with but really got my career on the fast track. Since then I've joined a wonderful practice in Scarsdale (Scarsdale Integrative Family Medicine) which was one of my goals, as well as, creating a best selling weight loss course for the DailyOM - Mojo Weight Loss. I am busier than ever and couldn't be more satisfied with my results. If you are looking for someone creative and smart to get your career moving, I would highly recommend Anne-Marie Ditta. She's a true professional and expert in the field" - Jacqui Justice, M.S., C.N.S., Westchester Nutritionist
"Anne-Marie is a methodical collaborator; always making sure that our team performs at a high level. She is really skillful at making connections between people and resources, and is committed to seeing things through. Whether we are working on a complex project for the Zonta community or with a mutual client, Anne-Marie always brings her best game and her highly effective, professional approach."Roxanne Neilson, Senior Project Manager | Owner's Representative
"I've known Anne-Marie Ditta for over 10 years and can attest to the constantly superior quality of her work and professionalism. She has dedicated her professional life to supporting other professionals, helping them to identify and achieve their professional dreams and aspirations. Anne-Marie is a much-valued colleague and resource to all of us in the careers industry".-Wendy Enelow, CCM, MRW, JCTC, CPRW, Founder of pioneering career & resume organizations that guide executive job seekers & career professionals to success
"Anne-Marie has helped me hone in on what career path I should be on. She used many methods to help bring clarity to my cluttered mind. If I should ever again find myself in the same rut, she is the first person I will call to tow me out".- Nuru Hunter, Financial Services Executive
"Marketing is my field...Cyber Security is my focus...Coupling the two is my mission. Preparing for a career change can be daunting. Most people find it difficult to talk about themselves or describe what it is they do. Having the support of an experienced coach can make it a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Anne Marie knows how to uncover lost ambitions. She is skilled at helping you tap into your abilities, knowledge, and areas of expertise while helping you set goals and implement a plan of action. Her strong interview and writing skills also allow her to create a search-friendly resume that effectively describes your strengths. Whether you're looking to change jobs, the transition to a new career, or simply challenge yourself to reach the next level, Anne Marie's guidance will prove invaluable. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of career coaching.- Geri Fairbanks


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