Areas of Practice


Career Transition 

When was the last time you looked forward to going to work? Were you recently laid off?  Is fear holding you back from making a change? Do you dream of doing something else yet find yourself unsure of where to start? 

An expert in career management and transition, I help  people like you sort through the pieces of the puzzle to start a new chapter that will reward you for years for years to come. During our one-on-one meetings we will clarify your personal and professional goals, the things that interest  and truly matter to you, and the role your personality plays in defining your perfect fit.

The program includes worksheets, one-on-one  coaching meetings, assessment tools and additional resources. Meetings generally last one hour and can be held in person, by phone, and video conferencing.  

Resume's, Cover Letters, LinkedIN Profiles and career marketing communications

An effective résumé and other career marketing materials get the response you want from the companies that interest you. Every document is developed using an automated tracking system compatible format and focuses on the accomplishments and skills that grab the attention of hiring managers.

Your career communications program includes worksheets, personal branding tools,  and one-on-one interviews to make you stand out from your competitors. Together we will explore how your qualifications align with your career objectives. Once your information is gathered, your résumé, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and other communications are written to tell your unique story, show how you can make a difference, and demonstrate the  return on investment you represent.  

JOb Search strategy

Job search like any other project begins with a vision and a plan for achieving your objectives. Yet many talented people focus on responding to overcrowded job sites that are overcrowded and contain outdated postings.   

A Certified Job Search Strategist, I help you define actionable steps and methodologies that work, hone your goals, and establish your unique selling proposition  as well as identify companies and industries that value your background. You will learn the difference between how companies source talent and how job seekers waste precious time along with gaining an awareness of the value of research, matching your skills and experience to new opportunities, and tapping into or growing your network to open new doors. 


Interview preparation

The way people consume entertainment is constantly in flux, so the laws must adapt quickly. Harris Ingram strives to anticipate these changes so you can focus more on creating a performance of a lifetime. Among our clients are actors, directors, unions, agencies, writers, animators, and many other industry talents. We draft and negotiate development, production, financing, and sales & distribution agreements. Tailoring each contract according to a project’s scope, size, and budget, we secure the appropriate creative rights for all talents involved.

Salary Negotiations

Demystifying art law is in itself a creative practice. It requires finesse, strategic structuring, and, in many ways, empathy. At the end of the day, art and its worth is profoundly personal. In such matters, mediation or arbitration almost always yields the most fulfilling results. However, should the occasion arise, our lawyers are more than prepared to move into litigation. From artists, agents, dealers, galleries, museums, and auction houses, our clients have always walked away from their disputes or deals knowing that their core interests were preserved.

Assessment tools

Whether you run a theater, recording studio, or an eCommerce website, all businesses need to minimize their legal liability and risk. Our lawyers will assess the structure of your operation, such as its physical or digital space, the types of products you sell, who your consumers are, what type of company you have filed under (LLC, Inc, etc.), and so on. From there, we will tailor the right risk plan, complete with permit applications, insurance policies, and more, so you can worry less about liabilities and concentrate on growing your business.

Ongoing career management

Fashion law is a little bit like the Wild West. There’s a lot of potential, but the rules can be convoluted and vague at best. Protecting a brand or even a single design involves intellectual property, copyrights, trademarks, and patents. A successful case requires creativity and flexibility. Harris Ingram represents boutique design houses like Marta and Thorne, individual designers like Mara Bond, and illustrators and graphic designers. We protect their products against copycats large and small, and guide them through manufacturing ethics and labeling laws.

OUtplacement services 

The internet, software, and technology are so pervasive that we can’t remember having ever lived without them. They make our lives simpler, but behind the curtain are fluctuating challenges in protection and monetization; challenges that our firm stays two steps ahead of. We’ve helped engineers, inventors, gaming startups, and entrepreneurs develop, license, sell, and maintain ownership over their creations. We’ve also negotiated purchasing and partnership agreements for larger investment companies looking for their unicorn.

workshops, Seminars, and speaking engagements

The startup and small business marketplace is still a new and fierce frontier that requires legal advice from attorneys who are deeply entrenched in the particulars of venture financing. We offer a competitive advantage that can help you save money and make more of it in the long run. We’ve steered corporations like Tap Unlimited and Hydrocycle with a balance of legal, business, operational, and financial strategies that had clear execution and built-in problem-solving contingencies. Our holistic approach is essential to any company looking to grow.