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Programs for professional and personal achievement.

Areas of Practice

Career Transition 

When was the last time you looked forward to going to work? Were you recently excised?  Is fear holding you back? Do you frequently think about making a change?

A specialist in career management and transition, I help national and international sort through the process. During our one-on-one meetings we will clarify your personal and professional goals, your values, and the role your personality plays in making better career decisions. On average, the process takes about six meetings. 

The career transition program includes worksheets, one-on-one  coaching meetings, assessment tools and additional resources. Meetings generally last one hour and can be held in person, by phone, and video conferencing.  

Six week all inclusive program $1200

“Anne-Marie didn’t give me my answers, in fact, she asked me the questions. Questions that I never thought of asking, because they were about me. Her questions led me on a powerful self-exploration and discovery of who I am and where I should be.” C.B. - Assistant Director
— C.B. Assistant Director

Resume's, Cover Letters, LinkedIN Profiles and career marketing communications

Are your résumé and career marketing materials getting the response you want? If not , your documents might be delaying you from landing a position that matches your interests, experience, values, and knowledge.

First Impression Career Services crafts every résumé in a format compatible with automated tracking systems, and highlights information that make hiring managers and board members care.

Your career communications program includes worksheets and a one-on-one interview to capture your history. Together we will explore how your qualifications align with your career objectives. After your information is gathered your résumé, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and other materials are designed to tell your unique story and demonstrate how you will leverage your background to produce meaningful results.

Once you approve the documents you will receive an electronic file with your ATS compatible documents. In case you need to update your documents or should lose your files we provide lifetime storage of all materials.  

Résumé and Cover Letter program $500 & up

LinkedIn profile program $425 & up

“Anne-Marie, I wanted to let you know that I start a new job tomorrow. It’s funny, because tomorrow will be a year to the day I lost my last job. I can’t believe it’s just been four weeks since you wrote my resume. Thank you for all your help.”
— F.S. Finance Professional

JOb Search strategy

Are you unsure how to search for a new executive position? Do you find the process discouraging? Your confidence will increase with the support of an executive career coach skilled in job search strategy.

Job search like any other project starts by by defining your vision and developing actionable steps and methods to keep you engaged and moving forward.

Instead of wasting precious time looking online for your next job, we will focus on a tactical strategy that includes goal clarification, your unique selling proposition, and identification of environments in which you will thrive. You will learn:

  • where companies go to source talent

  • how to tap into unadvertised opportunities

  • strategies for helping people to help you

  • how to align your skills and experience with the job description

  • what motivates people to make hiring decisions

Programs start at $390

“I just wanted to reach out and give you an update. I landed with a company based out of New Jersey. I truly believe my love for dogs was the secret sauce we were looking for. The boats, furniture, etc was just a barrier we needed to breakthrough. Thank you for all your help you were the driving force in making this happen.”
— T.K. Operations & Growth Strategist

Interview preparation

Are you are ready to ace your next executive job interview?

The interview preparation will program will show you how to:

  • impress interviewers with your response to routine and unexpected interview questions

  • expand your research on companies, interviewers, and board members

  • equip yourself with methods to build rapport and win trust

  • recognize and seize opportunities to demonstrate value and reach a meeting of the minds

  • harness and leverage your energy to project enthusiasm

  • exhibit the six traits hiring managers seek

Hourly rate: $195 & up / Packages available

I would like to thank you for helping me with the job interview I had on the 28th of November. I am happy to say that I got a job offer and I obviously accepted it.
— J.B. Nuclear Engineer

Salary Negotiations

Will you leave money on the table when you accept your next offer?

There is an art to salary negotiations. Even though you are a seasoned leader you may view such a discussion as being too risky. Especially if you have been out of work for a while

We fully prepare you to command your worth. Managers, directors, c-level executives, healthcare practitioners, non-profit executive, and education professionals, our clients are well compensated.

Hourly rate $195 & up

Anne-Marie’s expertise, guidance, and encouragement were pivotal throughout the process of my transition to a better-suited position. Her advice on salary negotiation was on point and helped me secure an almost 40% pay increase.
— J.S.A. - Attorney

Assessment tools

Do you wish your boss or co-worker could understand you better? Is fear of making another bad choice holding you back from making a change? Are you an HR professional seeking to improve workplace culture and communications?

Assessment tools are useful for gathering information about yourself and gaining insight into your values, interests, strengths, personality, behavior and aptitude as well as improving interpersonal communications inside and outside of the office.

Values: make career decisions that align with your beliefs and standards.

Interests: understanding who and where you enjoy focusing your attention is essential to academic and professional choices that motivate and energize you..

Strengths: honing in on your unique talents,allows you to do the things that give you satisfaction and create measurable results in business.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): a highly validated tool for cultivating a dynamic career plan, avoiding and resolving conflicts, clarifying your key motivators, and helps you gain insight into the environments in which you will thrive.

DISC Behavior: develop greater awareness of how your personal style impacts your career path with the specific talents you bring to a job, refine your personal brand and enhance your presentation skills for job interviews. Understanding your natural styles will continue to play an important role in your job search strategies.

Assessment tools are administered and validated under the ethical guidance of a certified MBTI Administrator and DISC Profile consultant.

I have been working with Anne-Marie since April of 2019 due to work-related stress and for guidance about making a career move. Anne-Marie quickly determined I needed help to understand my strengths. She administered the Myers Briggs, which helped me to focus on my strengths and plan next steps. She helped me realize what I had to offer and how to improve my search.
— B.H. - Small Business Banker

career management and planning

The business world might seem a little bit like the Wild West. You know you have a lot to offer, there are goals you want to accomplish, yet you something is holding you back.. Regardless of whether you are new to the workforce or senior executive, coaching can help you reframe challenges and use them to your advantage. Below are examples of the issues we can help you address:

  • Conflict in the workplace or gossip

  • Managing up or dealing with a bad boss

  • Goal setting, planning, and achievement

  • Deciding whether to stay or leave your job

  • Company policies

  • Workplace relations for foreign nationals or expats

  • Age related transitions

Anne Marie has helped me build self-confidence to transition, as a mature-age woman, from full-time employment and to develop a vision to use my professional and life experiences to craft a business.
— J.Y. Flowers - Distance Learning Educator

OUtplacement services 

Is your organization planning to downsize?

Helping workers transition out of your organization can make the difference between a disgruntled former employee and a someone who is grateful for the assistance they received after a downsizing event..

We work with HR departments to plan, design, and implement programs for newly exited staff members. One-on-one and group services include assistance with resume development, insight into job market trends, LinkedIn usage, and interview preparation to ensure a quick and satisfying landing.

workshops, Seminars, and speaking engagements

The career transition process, as described by a satisfied client.