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How to Use the Holiday Season to Jumpstart Your Career in 2019


I just love most everything about the December holiday season...the lights and decorations, Christmas carols, the crisp cold weather, shopping for presents to give to my family and friends. I am especially energized by socializing during this time of the year.

I also like to make time for identifying the wins I had within the past twelve months. This gives me an idea of what goals I want to set for the coming year. With only a few weeks till the ball drops, I thought you might enjoy some ideas to improve your career in 2019:

Grow your network on and off line. Update your LinkedIn profile to expand your reach and attract recruiters if you are planning a job search. If you aren’t a member of professional organization, now is the time to join one. Some associations might offer a partial year rate. Membership in a local chamber of commerce can boost sales if you have a product or service you want to promote. In addition to increasing sales participation in a professional access gives you access to programs and information instrumental to your success. It can also polish your personal brand.

When you sit down to update your elevator pitch or LinkedIn profile ask yourself

• Who do you want to engage? A family member focuses on recruiting professionals experienced with a specific technology, which is the first word in his LI profile.

• What sets you apart from your colleagues? Are you able to juggle tasks? Are you known for solving a specific type of problem?

• What do you want to accomplish? Fill your pipeline? Reconnect with people? Track down job leads?

Land your dream job in 2019. Several years ago, I learned to write down my goals. An end of the year review showed that I had accomplished everything on the list. Write a description of your dream job. Be as detailed as possible. Where is the office located? how much are you paid? What size is the company? What will your work day look like? When do you want this to happen? Once you are done, break your transition down into small steps.

Prepare to answer the most important interview question. Why should I hire you? That’s the top question on the minds of hiring manager. What can you do that the other candidates can’t or won’t say they can do?  A recent client shared he achieved 100% account retention within three years.  What company wouldn’t want to hire someone able to produce this result?  

My holiday wish is for you to enjoy this magical season and make time to plan for a successful 2019!