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Six Real Reasons Why You Will Be Hired

Last week, one of my favorite colleagues, Elisabeth Sanders-Park led a workshop based on her book, The Six Reasons You'll Get the Job. Counted among the 25 plus attendees was yours truly. 


The book is for anyone who has applied for and failed to receive an offer for a position they believed was a perfect fit for them. Regardless of whether you are an entry-level candidate or a senior executive the reason you will get the job depends on six simple yet powerful concepts, PADMAN.









Presentation is more than showing up in your best interview outfit, combing your hair, and flashing a smile. Instead, you are being judged on whether or not you fit the company's image. For example, you will want to ditch the suit if you are interviewing with a tech company but straighten your tie if you meeting with a law firm. 


This is just the tip of the iceberg. The way you speak, your mannerisms, and online identity are being scrutinized. Targeting companies whose image is similar to your own will improve your chance of success. 


Ability to do the job will help get you the interview. Convincing the employer  customers and employees will get along well with you, and you apply your knowledge, skills, and abilities towards the best interest of the business.


Dependability is what my Goddaughter refers to as keeping one's say. You need to demonstrate that you can be counted on to effectively manage budgets and money, act in the best interests of the organization when dealing with customers, keep business secrets, handle and represent products, and uphold the corporate reputation. 


I remember when my Goddaugther was upset with me because I failed to keep my say about not calling her Princess in front of her friends. She forgave me but at that moment she doubted whether she could rely on me to not embarrass her. Employers want proof that you can be counted on to follow directions and act in the best interests of the company. 


Motivation in the eyes of employers is defined as using your actions and goals to promote and meet the goals of the company. Your activities count when they move the business closer to its goals. 


A review of the corporate website, the mission statement along with an Internet search, information interviews with staff and customers will help identify the needs and wants of the company. 


Attitude from an employers point of view is connected to fit. Are you someone who will be easy to work with? How will you fit in with the team? Will customers enjoy working with you? You might find it hard to project a collegial attitude when you have bills to pay and other external pressures. 


In additional to the tips mentioned in this article prayer, a conversation with someone you know and trust, exercise can prepare you for the rigors of the job interview and help you maintain a positive attitude. 


Network or the people you know and how you know them. The speaker at a networking meeting I attended asked everyone to describe themselves using one or two words. When it was my turn, I said I was "a connector of people, ideas, and words". Several people approached me after the meeting because they were interested in learning  about the people I knew


The ability to bring prospective clients, vendors, and fresh talent to an organization is attractive. However, it can also be concerning if you worked for a company whose practices were questionable. Therefore, be judicious when speaking about your contacts. Even more, be selective when deciding to accept a job offer.