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Breaking the Isolation of Going It Alone

I am working on this article for my newsletter while sitting amongst members of the Sunday night Shut Up and Write group in Manhattan. My decision to forsake the comfort of my home for sharing an 18” round table with a young fiction writer was based on my difficulty to push out a regular newsletter and other postings.  You might be asking yourself how does this apply to you.


The challenge of being a career coach and professional resume writer is that I do not feel like I am working unless I am writing a résumé program or engaged with a person seeking to improve their career. At the suggestion, no make that push of my coach I decided to set aside some time to work on my business instead of in it. Regardless of whether you are a small business owner, an employee, or a job seeker marketing is a large part of managing the professional facet of life.


While I did have plans to write a piece on gearing up for a job change, the 20 plus writers pecking away at their keyboard inspired me to come clean about my own professional struggles. The truth is I experience great joy when I am actively involved in helping someone else. Unfortunately, this trait limits my capacity to reach more people.


A friend who lives in Ohio joined a Shut Up and Write group to work on a book. Her positive experience encouraged me to do the same.  I figured if nothing else, it would give me a chance to expand my network while spending time on the Upper Westside, one of my favorite sections of Manhattan.


Back to what this has to do with you. As a career coach, I understand how hard it can be to get out there. It feels safe to sit home in front of your computer and post your résumé on the various job boards. However, this is one of the worst ways to move your career forward. It is isolating and frustrating to wait for an email or phone call that leads to a new opportunity.


My advise to job seekers is get out from behind the computer and utilize your network. Tonight I am taking my own advice. If all goes well, you can expect to receive my newsletter and see me on LinkedIn and Facebook more frequently.