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Non profit & Local government

Winning buy-in from stakeholders begins with knowing what questions need to answered  As a professional writer and coach with over 25 years of experience, I challenge you and your staff to focus on what is on the hearts and minds of the people you serve. From initial interviews all the way through to final approval and delivery, I will bring your story alive.  

  • Fundraising

  • Brand Development

  • Strategic Planning

  • Presentations


Workforce Development FICS brings the services and strategies afforded by well paid professionals  to those in need of assistance. One-on-one coaching and workshops include:

  •  Motivational classes
  •  Career exploration
  • Resumes
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Job Search and Networking Strategies
  • Salary negotiation


FICS places a strong emphasis on in-service and career development. Excellence in care is the result of years of education and training, and a commitment to lifelong learning on the part of practitioners and their employers. 

Our goal is to give staff the chance to build their careers, develop new skills, and refine existing skills. 

  • Workshops and Presentations
  • Career Pathing for Retention
  • Personal Statement Coaching
  • Medical School Interview Prep

Small business

Are you poised to start a business or move your business to the next level. Are you unsure how to get there? With combined experience in advertising, executive coaching, and business development, I can help you stand out from your competitors.  Services for small to medium size businesses:

  • Brand Development
  • Goals
  • Clarify target customer and client
  • Marketing Strategy (social media and print)
  • Content
  • Bio's
  • LinkedIn profiles