Stand Out From The Flock
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Ever since I was a child I enjoyed untangling things. I was nine years old when my mother would ask me to untangle her gold chains. I patiently worked my way through the knots until the chain hung straight.


As a career coach, I help smart talented medical practitioners, educators, project managers, global executives, and CEO’s like you untangle the knots that stand in the way of your dreams.  that challenges and energizes them personally and professionally.


A self-made entrepreneur, I started out as an account executive for the Brooklyn’s largest newspaper chain. In between appointments I listened to motivational speakers such as Brian Tracey, Zig Ziegler, and Tony Robbins. I learned about the connection between emotional intelligence, motivation, and goal setting.


My desire to help others grew as I grew personally and professionally. The strategies and skills that I used to expand business territories are essential to the career transition process. I joined a non-profit organization that helped women reenter the workforce. The principles I used to write advertising copy helped me craft resumes that attracted job interviews.


When friends and family learned what I was doing they began to refer others to me. Since that time, I have helped grow C-level executives, coached senior executives in the United States, LATAM, and Europe, and created the initial strategic plan for Inspire / Nexus, a social media platform that matches coaches with clients. However, I am most proud to continue to serve the first clients who helped me build First Impression Career Services, LLC in 2001. I am a certified Executive Career Coach, Professional Resume Writer, FAVAR Method LinkedIn Profile Developer, Job Search Strategist, Brand Strategist and Myers Briggs Type Indicator Administrator.