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Anne-Marie Ditta

Anne-Marie Ditta

Ever since I was a child I enjoyed untangling things. I was nine years old when my mother would ask me to fix her gold chains. I patiently worked my way through the knots until each strand hung straight. 

As a career coach, I help top-tier executives,  medical practitioners, educators, project managers  clear up the complications that stand in the way of a fulfilling professional and personal life. 

A self-made entrepreneur, I began my career  an account executive with the largest Brooklyn newspaper chain. Along the way, I discovered the connection between emotional intelligence, motivation, and goal setting. In between appointments I listened to business tapes.  This practice led to earning a ranking among the top producers in the company. 

Recognizing the connection between the strategies and skills I used to grow revenues and open new territories and the entire career management process, I transitioned to a non-profit organization focused on workforce development. Clients started to attract more interviews as I applied the methods I used to write advertising copy and articles  to crafting resumes.  In addition, the years of listening to motivational tapes helped me develop a basic knowledge of coaching.

Sharing my accomplishments with friends and family evoked referrals from the private sector.  In the wake of 911, I ventured out on my own. Since that time, I have coached and mentored individuals to c-level positions within the United States, LATAM, and Europe. Additionally, I created a strategic plan for the launch of Inspire / Nexus, the first social media platform to match underprivileged clients with coaches. To date, I have written 1,000+ resumes and continue to coach many of my first clients. 



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Brooklyn College
Journalism Major


Activities & Affiliations

•Career Thought Leaders
• Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coachs
• Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce


  • Certified Employment Interview Professional 

  • Certified Professional Resume Writer

  • MBTI Certified Practitioner

  • DISC Certified Practitioner

  • Certified Career Management Coach

  • Certified Executive Coach

  • G-3 Coach

  • FAVAR Method™ MaxOutLI Trained LinkedIn Speciali