Anne-Marie Ditta


It all started when...

I was nine years old my mother would ask me to untangle her gold chains. Patiently, I worked my way through the knots until every chain hung straight.

As a career coach, I help motivated medical practitioners, educators, project managers, global executives and CEO's like you untangle the knots that stand in the way of a career that challenges and energizes you.

Before starting First Impression Career Services (FICS), I prepared displaced homemakers to reenter the workforce.  September 11, 2001, was the first day of a new program cycle. The windows of my office faced the World Trade Center. Along with the staff and clients I witnessed the towers come down.

One week earlier the organization announced plans to restructure the program. The change required that I reapply for my position.   When I arrived at work on September 12, 2001, the executive director asked for my application.

This was the pivotal point in my career. One month later I launched FICS. Over the years, I have helped clients get unstuck and advance into executive and C-level positions. I am humbled to continue to coach and provide written communications for several of my initial clients and their family members.

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