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The Process

Are you new to the workforce? Do you yearn to do something but don’t know what that something is? Have you outgrown your role? Are you concerned that your skills and talents are going to waste? Are language barriers, cultural clashes, and a lack of understanding keeping you awake at night?


Are you a corporate visionary who sets companies on a better path? Do you take clients from promotion to emotion? Do you raise talent? Can you make a little go further than expected?

Are you a small business owner who wants to increase market share? Are you poised for your next gig?

I bring the personal touch to working with the next generation of business leaders, international executives, CEO’s, and expatriates. With clients who have lived and worked throughout Europe, LATAM, Asia, and the Middle East, I comfortably connect with you to clarify your goals and map out a plan for achievement.

Once we clarify your career path, we will move forward to next phase of your career transition or job search with a brand-defining Career Comm Package (résumé, cover letter, e-note, LinkedIn profile, one-page networking sheet, and corporate bio) that sets you apart from your competitors.

Face-to-face meetings are available in the New York City / Westchester County area, and by phone or SKYPE outside of New York or the United States.