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Career Communication

Career Communications (Career Comm) is the resume of choice for talented expats, savvy international business executives, and esteemed Chief Officers whose goal is a better life, a better career, and a better sense of well-being.

Career Transition

Do your days feel like drudgery? Are your skills and talents overlooked? Do you plan to relocate? Are you itching for a change, but don’t know what? Transition is an exciting and rewarding process of self discovery. Imaging doing what you enjoy and are good at.

Interview Preparation

Landing a position that is the right fit is an investment in your future. You will learn how to uncover the real job, research the competition, and survey employee satisfaction as well as selecting what you will wear (maybe that loud tie or fishnet stockings aren’t such a good idea) You will learn to shift the interview to a conversation that show why you are the best fit.

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